Dog Tag Size Guide

How to choose the best tag size for your pet

Dog id  tags come in many sizes and shapes. Which one should you choose for your dog or cat? Worst case the tag will be too big and be awkward for your pet. On a big dog a small tag looks a bit funny though it is still functional of course! Check out our dog tag size chart further down, it will give the dog tag sizes in mm and inches.

big dog small dog
Which size dog tag is right for your dog?

When choosing tag size think of these points:

  • The size of your dog or cat - this is probably the most important factor!
  • The design: if you want a nice design to reflect the nature of the dog you might need a bigger tag
  • How much information do you have to fit on the tag i.e. one or two phone numbers, some countries require an address on the tag, etc.
Dog tag sizes

Dog Tag Size Chart

This chart shows round dog tags as a guideline for size. Of course we also offer other shapes as well e.g. moon shape, hexagon or wolf and arrow heads. Keep in mind that even the size states 32mm for example for the crescent moon tag, of course, this tag is a lot smaller (about half) and therefore is suitable for smaller pets (even larger cats).

Dog Tag Size Chart

Shop Pet Id Tags By Size

I have grouped pet id tags by size to make choosing the perfect size for your dog easier. Have a look at the following sections:

dog tag size guide