About Us

How Waggy Pooch Came About

We live on the SW coast of Ireland right on the scenic Wild Atlantic Way. We enjoy the country life with our 4 dogs, 4 cats, 2 horses and countless chickens and ducks. To call us animal lovers would be an understatement :)

dogs and horses in Ireland

For the last few years, we ran a successful B&B which was unfortunately wiped out by COVID 19. Sitting in lockdown gave us plenty of time to contemplate what to do instead…and our beloved dogs were our inspiration! 


Our dogs love the outdoors with farm life, walks through the fields and the beaches we have plentiful nearby. All the gear we use for them needs to be able to withstand active dogs, exposure to wind, rain and saltwater. In our experience, not all gear you buy for dogs will hold up to that! With that in mind, Waggy Pooch was born! 
It is our mission to create hard-wearing yet beautiful dog tags, collars, and leashes for active dogs that love the adventure!


All our products are custom made and if you have a special wish or request please contact us and we will do our best to serve you.

maremma sheepdog runnig on the beach