New Cat And Dog Tag Designs - August 21

5 New Summery Pet Tag Designs You Will Love!

Summer is here and we have 5 new cat and dog tag designs for you! 

This release includes 3 cute brand new shapes:

  • the cute mini moon suitable for cats and small doggie
  • the buzzy bee with a delicate flowers and bee deign - suitable for small and medium-sized doggies
  • and the cat head which is suitable for large cats and small dogs

Let' s have a closer look!

moon cat tag

Mini Moon Pet ID Tag

This small moon tag meaures only 25mm so it is purrfect for cats and even kittens. Also a great choice for small and miniature dog breeds.

Because of its small size I can only stamp one phone number on the back. Like all our tags this i made from thick 14 g metal and is available in Copper, Brass and Nickel Silver.

Buzzy Bee Dog Tag

Isn't that the perfect girly dog tag?

This cute be is hand-stamped with a delicate flower design and cute buzzy bees.

It fits one phone number on the back!


Leafy Cat Head

This one is inspired by our youngest cat Gizmo who loves to play with my houseplants!

This tag measures about 28mm it is suitable for larger cats and small dogs.

Available in Brass and Nickel Silver. Up to 2 phone numbers.

medium sized pet id tag

Flowers & Bugs Dog Tag

This cute dog tag is stamped with sunflowers, lavender, bees and ladybirds for a summery vibe!

32mm medium-sized tag suitable for medium and large dogs. Available in Copper, Brass and Nickel Silver. This one can fit 2 phone numbers. Or 1 number plus address.

koala bear deign dog id tag

Small Koala Bear Dog Tag

Cute design for small dogs and puppies. Remember that you can always get a matching keychain tag! 

This one measures 25 mm and is available in Copper, Brass and Nickel Silver.

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