waterproof dog collar with brass buckle
strong durable dog collar waterproof for swimming and hunting
deluxe handmade dog collar 2 colors and gold buckle
strong waterproof dog collar for swimming
durable dog tag collar with gold buckle adjustable
rust-free dog collar with brass buckle and rivets
strong dog collar
Mud-proof dog collar, 2 colors and brass buckle, 16mm wide
Mud-proof dog collar, 2 colors and brass buckle, 16mm wide
Mud-proof dog collar, 2 colors and brass buckle, 16mm wide

Mud-proof dog collar, 2 colors and brass buckle, 16mm wide

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>>> Please add your 2nd color choice to the 'Enter neck measurement or collar size' box <<<

Durable luxury dog collar with rust-proof brass buckle  - 2 colors ⎜ Personalized handmade dog collar 

✧ W H Y∙Y O U ∙ W I L L ∙ L O V E ∙ I T ✧

∙ elegant but heavy-duty ready for active dogs

∙ custom handmade dog collar for the perfect fit

∙ waterproof webbing material cleans up in seconds

∙ create your favorite color combo

∙ This luxury dog collar will make your dog look really special! The robust vegan leather combined with high-quality brass fittings makes this an outstanding and very durable piece of doggy gear.

∙ This collar is adjustable and suitable for medium and small dog breeds

✧ H O W ∙ T O ∙ O R D E R ✧

📌 Choose the primary color (20mm around the buckle) from the dropdown menu and enter your second color to the 'neck measurement' box

📌 measure your dog's neck and choose your length from the dropdown menu

✧ Here’s what a recent customer had to say about her new collars:

"Hey! I just got the collars and wanted to say that they're amazing! Im absolutely in love with them. Theyre so sturdy and lightweight. Going into fireworks/thunder season Im really relieved to have tags and collars that I know my pups cant lose! They're really strong, pretty and so well made.

Quincys collar is beautiful on her! Shes a very anxious dog who really hates having her neck touched. So far shes figured out how to open, and eventually lost, every single collar. This is the first time Ive seen her sit still while I put a collar on her. Its so lightweight that I dont think she even noticed it!

Pepper is an Old English Sheepdog and every collar gets completely lost in her hair but the blue and yellow stand out really well!

Im completely over the moon with these. Best thing Ive ever bought my dogs! Ill definitely be telling everyone about you and buying more tags and collars for Christmas to give to my friends pups!"

✧ C U S T O M ∙ H A N D M A D E ∙ D O G ∙ C O L L A R ✧

∙ made from waterproof webbing material
16mm (5/8") wide
∙ breaking load is 180 kg (397 lbs)
∙ very strong and durable yet flexible and soft to touch.
∙ does not absorb any water
∙ very easy to clean. A bit of soapy water will do the job! ∙ ideal low-maintenance material for active dogs that love mud and getting wet!
∙ waterproof webbing is resistant to water, chemicals, sweat, bacteria, UV radiation, and weather

✧ Advantages compared to leather:

> easy maintenance
> soft and flexible
> nice to touch
> strong & durable
> stink-proof
> waterproof



XS 30-35cm (12-14")
S 35-40cm (14-16")
M 40-45cm (16-18")
L 45-50cm (18-20")
XL 50-55cm (20-22")
2XL 55-60cm (22-24")
3XL 60-65cm (24-26")

Should you need another size please contact us!

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